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eTR-Express Tours corporate travel
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  • What is the most adequate corporate travel policy for my company?

  • How many airlines should I use to optimize travel expenses? 

  • What are the discounts and benefits I can get from vendors? 

  • How can I reduce cancellation and change fees?

  • How can I monitor my company's travel expenses and employees' travels? 

  • Can I leverage eTR contracts to reduce my expenses? 

  • How can an eTR agent save my company 20-30% compared to online bookings?  

  • Can eTR support me with conference, group travel and hosting investors?

  • How can my company make a booking without committing?

  • eTR will be with you 24/7 no matter where you are.  Whether you are stuck in the airport or just don't want to waste time on travel search, we will support you.


Since 1981 as a IATA member, corporate travel has been the core of our business.  Our 30+ years of excellence in the travel market has resulted in our diverse client base, which includes established small to large scale companies, start-ups, and government offices.

Offices around the world

High-end travel technology

Customized service

"If we don't have an office, we have a partner"

"We developed systems for your company"

"We have a travel consultant for you"

People say the nicest things… 


“You are the best and always available for us.”  Tamar L. (Travel coordinator)


"I have never experienced such a service. The agent knew exactly what I needed and got it for me for 30% off the price I saw online. I trust them 100%."  John W. (CEO)


“I was stuck in the airport in a 200 people line after my flight was canceled.  I called my agent and he added me to an alternative flight.  I did not have to stand in line anymore as the rest of the people.  More importantly, I arrived to my meeting on time."   Michael T. (VP)


"My flight was canceled in IAD airport and within seconds my agents got me a car with a driver to EWR so I will get on time for my flight."   Will D.


Get to know the technology we build and use 

Locations IL



1 Ben Gurion st. 4th floor, B.S.R. Tower 2, Benei Beraq



Givatayim Branch

6 Sirkin st. Givatayim




NYC Branch

1460 Browday av.
Suite 9015
New York, NY, 10038


Locations  US


Boston Branch

26 Lincoln st. suite 4,
Brighton, MA, 02135



LAX Branch

5455 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036


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Tel: +1-617-4878571

Tel: +972-3-6142333

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